9 Reasons to Start Conducting Your Surveys Online

May 23, 2017 Forms, Survey ,

Conduct your survey online

Surveys are a powerful tool for any business. They are even more powerful when conducted online.
By conducting online surveys, you will among other things,

    • Reach and respond to target audiences faster,
    • Get answers from your customers in real time,
    • Conduct as many surveys as you like at very low cost.

This, in turn, will improve how you engage with your customers, improve customer retention and even boost your bottom line.

Read on for a more in-depth look at the benefits of conducting surveys online. You can start enjoying these benefits by subscribing to our online survey forms here.

1. Speed

When conducting a manual survey, you have to wait for respondents to fill in the questionnaires and mail them to you. You then have to read through each of them and analyse the data collected. Such a process could take you days to glean any useful insights and considering how fast things move in the business world, the insight will be outdated and useless.
Online surveys cut this whole process short, ensuring that you get answers with speed. Information is gathered automatically and it’s analysed as it comes in.

2. Budget Friendly

Offline surveys have a lot of costs attached to them such as printing costs, postage, salaries and allowances for foot soldiers and data entry personnel. If you use an online survey form to conduct your research online, you will eliminate these costs.

3. Accuracy

You’ve probably had to discard a good percentage of completed offline questionnaires because of errors. By collecting data automatically through online survey forms, you’ll minimize errors and get better data quality.

4. Better report formats anytime

Collect and analyse data anytime, anywhere and view it in real time through attractive formats such as graphs and charts. You can also share graphs and charts with colleagues and other stakeholders.

5. Convenient for participants

Your customers can choose to take your survey at a time that is most convenient for them. Easypeasyforms allows participants to skip questions that are not applicable to them. This shortens the time spent answering questions.


6. Less labour intensive

Online surveys do majority of the work for you and even increase your productivity. This will save a lot of time and energy that you can redirect to implementing the insights you receive from the analysed data.

7. More interactive

If customers need to clarify anything during the survey, they can simply browse your web pages or check out your social media accounts. In the process, they will discover more about your brand, which might not be the case if the survey is conducted online.

8. Targeted and relevant

You can narrow down your survey to target certain audiences. This is a great benefit because it will allow you to tailor-make solutions for all your niches instead of running your business based on blanket assumptions.

9. Customizable

You can allow participants to approach the survey questions in the order that suits them. They can even choose which questions they want to answer. Such customization will make them more inclined to provide you with their information because they feel more in control of the outcome.

Bottom line

Conducting research no longer needs to be a complicated, time consuming, expensive and intimidating process. Start using the online survey forms from Easy Peasy Forms and you will get real time results at almost no cost.

Check out an example of a Client Happiness Survey here

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