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When a form designing is complete in all respects, then you can get the URL of that form and share it in many ways. To get the URL of a form, use the following steps.

Step 1: Click on “Publish” button


Step 2: Click on “Get URL” as shown in the above screenshot. It will display options as shown in the following screenshot.


Step 3: Click on copy option. Here, you can scan QR-code by using QR-readers. QR-code reader app can be used on smartphones for scanning.

Now, the copied URL can be sent as an email to a respondent. You can also use this URL as a link on your webpage. If you want to gather data from general users, then you can advertise this URL in print or electronic media for the collection of responses. You can save this URL as a file for further actions.

Form Creation should be easy peasy