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In Easy Peasy Forms, a new user can be created specifically for groups or team. This option is designed for multiple people logging in and making changes to forms and data.

Adding Users

Adding a new admin user is Easy Peasy. Click on the “Folder” for which you are going to create a new user and then click on the “Settings” icon as shown in the following screenshot.


Type an email address of a user and assign a role (Admin or Manager). Click on “Add” button to create a user as shown in the following screenshot.


It should be noted that “Admin” could edit forms and manage entries, while the “Manager” can manage entries only.

User Limits

User limits on different plans are as follows:

  • Starter Package – 0 Sub-users
  • Professional – 03 Sub-Users
  • Business – 10 Sub- users
  • Enterprise- 100 Sub-Users

Delete a Sub-User      

You can delete a sub-user from folder sharing settings. Click on the user you want to delete and click on “Delete” option available in front of a user. This will delete a user from the list as shown in the following screenshot.

Form Creation should be easy peasy