What on earth is an Online Form?

March 2, 2018 Uncategorized

A lot of you may have stumbled here accidentally and wondered, “What on earth is an online form?” Well let me explain, an online form is just like the form you filled in at the hospital, or the form you filled out when you became a new client at a dentist. Remember the fields “name” “address” “occupation” well, an online form has those too.

An online form is like the form you’ve been filling out since you were old enough to write. However, here’s the good part. It is all based online, accessible from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection. Paper free (because hey, we like trees around here)

How an Online Form works

So you might be thinking, if it’s not on paper and it’s all on the internet, how do I fill it out? All of the forms can be filled out from a device which you’ve connected to the internet. Using the keyboard for typing rather than a pen for writing. Online Form

Sharing is made easy

Each form has an option to be emailed, shared on Facebook and Twitter. A form can also be embedded on a website – this means that when you click on “apply now” for that credit card your Husband doesn’t know you’re applying for, it’ll open to a form for you to fill out. No pen, no paper. Just a computer, phone or a tablet required.

Forms can be linked directly to those that need to fill it out as well, Step one: Copy. Step two: Paste. Step Three: They click the link to the form, Done!

Once you submit your form, the information is instantly sent to the person that requested you fill in the form in the first place. Easy!

Online Form

Paper vs. Online

If you were at the hospital what would you prefer? A paper form and a pen handed to you, or an iPad with a touch screen. I went to the hospital recently, just your typical A&E visit when the flu feels like it’s going to end you. Most of us here could say we’ve experienced this at least once in our lives, right? – it’s the worst.

Anyway, I walk in and they hand me a 2 page paper form, and a pen. When I’m feeling my worst, do I really want to sit there with a pen and paper and write down all my symptoms. Hell no! Hand me an iPad with auto correct and an online form and maybe we’ll make some better progress.

Online forms weren’t created to be some freaky next world tool to scare off Microsoft Word. It’s simply designed to make life a little easier for everyone.

Whether you’re creating the form or filling it out, it’s going to give you less of a headache than those painful paper forms will. It’s certainly a lot quicker than writing things down and it’s nice and easy to customize when you’re creating them.

Change can be hard, unless it’s made easy

I know there’s a lot of people out there that can find change hard. Windows 10 has proved recently that well, people just want Windows 7 back. There are some programs that are created perfectly for you to cope with change – making it easy to catch on when learning how to use things. Just like Easy Peasy forms –  designed for someone with no technical experience to be able to work their way around.

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