5 tips to becoming an exceptional boss

May 30, 2017 Management

Become an exceptional boss

A business is much like a sports team and a business without an exceptional leader is like a car without an engine. The captain of every team has an important role. Their role is to give instructions, allow people to make mistakes and to lead. Everything we learn we have learned from those around us. Our parents directed us to become what we are today, now that we have grown up we rely on those in charge to teach us what we should strive to be. Below are 5 tips on how to be an exceptional boss.

Trust your employees

This can be challenging for some people. As an owner or a manager of a business, there is always fear in giving important jobs to other people. The truth is, you are not allowing your employees to progress if you do not challenge them. If they’re met with the same jobs everyday that don’t test them, they will never strive to be better than what they already are. It’s like putting a soccer striker in defense, sometimes all it takes is a walk in another person’s shoes for you to push yourself further.

Acknowledge their achievements

A staff member has just solved a problem that you’ve all been stuck on for days and she is feeling extremely proud of herself. Congratulate her on her success and let her have her moment of glory while the rest of you may be wondering how you missed the solution. It is easy to let her accomplishment go unnoticed in a situation like this. Remember it is important that she knows she is an asset to this team. When your teammate scores a goal in soccer you cheer, we must encourage our peers in order for them to continue to perform well.

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Treat people equally

It shouldn’t matter if you’re speaking to your personal assistant or the junior that’s just started pouring coffees. Everyone starts from square one and should be treated equally with those that have more experience. Harming someone’s confidence can have a major impact on their career. If you treat people like they’re less value than others they’ll begin questioning their self-worth. Your first day of soccer may have been terrible, but your 50th game could be amazing. Give others the chance to improve their game like you have yours.

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Don’t take things too seriously

A successful business involves a happy workplace. Though crucial you take your job seriously, it’s also important you have fun in the workplace. Get to know your employees in more than a working manner. Go out for dinner with the crew or even head to your nearest bowling alley to participate in some team bonding. You’re no longer viewed as the big boss, but a friend that knows how to have a good time. At every big soccer game, there is a celebration that follows, always take a break from your training.

There’s always room for improvement

People are going to make mistakes, it doesn’t matter if they’ve been at the company 10 years or 6 months it’s going to happen. You might remember when you were 14 and you were sneaking out to see the boy that was throwing paper at you in class, your Mum (of course) caught you because Mum’s might as well be considered the FBI. Though mad, she forgave you. It could be a rough start to your morning and their mistake might generate a bit of extra work for you, but remember that they didn’t mean to slip up. Listen to what they have to say and explain to them what we should do in the future. You’re the mentor, guide them towards success. When a keeper concedes a goal we praise them for trying, there is no failure when there is commitment.

Easy Peasy.

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