5 tips for creating a blog

November 6, 2017 Uncategorized

There are a lot of people out there with talent waiting to be spread. Blogs are an extremely good starting point when you’re trying to gain a public following. So what are the steps you should take when you’re starting one?

1. Promote

Social media is here to help, it is an excellent way for you to be publishing your blogs and getting your name out there. Post links on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. The more you post the more attention you will gain. You must be consistent, every time you write a blog you must post a link on social media to build an audience. It’s quite uncommon someone will come across your blog at random as there are just too many blogs wanting attention. You have to put yourself out there in order to find a following.

2. Give something back

When people read blogs they want something back. No one has time to just read something for the sake of it. You need to ensure you provide value. For example help people wanting to write blogs by writing blogs about how to write blogs! The only reason people will normally read a blog is if they feel they’re getting some form of information from it. Speaking from experience I read a hell of a lot of blogs, everyday I google some question whether it be “how to text on an iPhone 8” or “how should I wear my hair to work” People are always looking for answers and if your blog offers the answer then boom! You’ve got yourself an audience

3. Consistency

You need to be posting at least 2-3 times a week minimum, posting once a month is not going to cut it these days. If you do get a following and you’re not posting frequently enough then your audience will move on to someone who does. People lose interest pretty easily these days, it’s important you’re constantly reminding your followers you’re still there.

4. Theme

Ensure your blog has a theme to it. Whether it’s tips and tools for workplaces, how to use social media or even how to travel the world. There’s plenty of categories to choose from. You need to pick one that you’re passionate about. The more you know about the topic the better your writing will be. Your audience will often look for blogs that have a specific theme that they take an interest in. If it’s just random and they only relate to one blog out of say fifty then they’ll look elsewhere.

5. Engage and Feedback

You need to engage with your audience as no one wants a lecture. Ask questions or offer a comments box at the bottom. Some people like the chance to be able to give feedback or even ask you for yours. Do you prefer blogs to feel a little more personal? Let me know below, tell me how you think I’m doing! Feedback – this is such a biggy. You need to know how you’re doing. It can be hard to gain a following that’ll actually give you some feedback. However if you don’t ask then sometimes you just don’t get. Ask your audiences for some tips, after all they’re the ones you have to impress.

That brings this blog to an end. I really hope there are some ideas you can take away from this. If you have any questions in regards to getting your blog started then leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you! Good luck with your journey.

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