5 Tips That’ll Make You Enjoy Being at Work

August 15, 2017 Brain techniques, Employees, Management , ,

Happy Worker

Work can feel like a burden, we can all admit there’s been a rainy day when we’d prefer to curl up in bed and watch our favorite soap rather then head to work. This has me thinking, are there ways we can create a working environment that makes us happy to be there? I believe our atmosphere plays a huge role in our mood. Therefore changing our atmosphere at work could actually make it more enjoyable.

1. Natural light

Sitting next to a window has sprung many ideas for me. Even in writing when I get a little stuck I look out the window for a minute just to refresh my mind. The natural light is easy on the eyes and it’s nice to be able to see the sunlight (while of course being stuck inside). Though we can’t go out and enjoy it, at least we aren’t closed up in a dark room. Sitting next to a window if you can is something I highly recommend. The feeling of being trapped inside a dark room will only make you want to go home more, with a window you can feel a little more a part of the outside world.

2. Clean work space

Admittedly, I am a clean freak. Having a clean work space really helps to ease my mind. I find comfort in the fact when I come in every morning my desk is nicely dusted, my pens are in their holder & my mug is ready for my next cup of tea. If you’re able to keep your desk clean you’ll find you’ve got less to worry about. I can get on with my work rather than stressing about the old peanut wrapper that’s sitting on my desk.

Clean work space

3. Take breaks

Stepping away from your job and coming back to it always gets your brain pumping again. If you work more than 4 hours without stopping your brain is likely to what I call “fizzle out”. This is the feeling where you can no longer concentrate, your head is pounding and all you want to do is go home. It’s important not to overwork yourselves. Though you might think you’re impressing the boss by getting on with it, you’re actually more useful to them in a positive state – not the fizzled type.

4. Drink tea/coffee

I always say food helps me stay afloat, so do hot drinks! It’s not just the fact that a nice cup of green tea is good on the body, it entertains me. Having access to hot drinks simply makes work feel a little bit more homely. Having roughly 3-4 a day certainly makes the day fly by.

5. Chat with your colleagues

Sometimes work can feel a little lonely, you can get into this unhealthy cycle of getting up going to work and concentrating on the fact it’s just to pay the bills. Having good relationships with your colleagues helps. You can create valuable friendships with these people and you actually look forward to seeing them everyday. Remember people enjoy other people’s company, don’t be afraid to make friends!

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