5 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Content

June 25, 2017 Digital Marketing

Repurpose your blog

Repurposing your weblog content material is a tremendous strategy to generate extra buzz and extra site visitors to your web site.

When it involves making an attempt to get your message out to your viewers, there isn’t any better means than running a blog. Having a blog on your corporate web site can enhance the quantity of authority you may have in your niche, also getting site visitors from organic search.

1. Create a Powerpoint presentation and put it on Slideshare

Slideshare is a vital and well-liked web site, and it is no surprise, LinkedIn owns it.

The very first thing you are able to do after publishing an article in your weblog is to take the primary factors of the content material and switch that right into a flowing Powerpoint presentation. Slideshare permits everyone to add their their web site link, which alone provides searchers quality content material.

Once you create an account, upload your presentation. You can also copy the embed code of the presentation and insert it on any part of your website. You may even give them the embed code to allow them to freely embed it on their web sites, too.

2. Create a brief teaser video

Who does not love YouTube? The second biggest search engine on this planet is the go-to place for content material research and academic data for everyone. Everyone likes video content materials, because ideas are simpler to grasp.

So with this powerhouse in your arsenal, take the largest and most essential factors and create a fascinating brief teaser video and start drawing prospects to your product or website.

And as a bonus tip, you’ll be able to take this video and add it to your Facebook web page. Facebook video is extraordinarily well-liked and a recommended way to achieve much more prospects.

3. Create a downloadable PDF on Scribd

Scribd  goes so nicely with Slideshare. Scribd presents you the flexibility to take an e-book, or pdf and upload it to their web site for the world to see.

The wonderful thing about making a shareable, downloadable PDF out of your authentic weblog piece, is that its in textual content format. And that is nice for SERPs, as they’ll learn and scan your content material on Scribd.

When you create your PDF, be sure you put your brand and web site data on the backside so individuals can discover you.

4. Post it on Instagram

Instagram has grown to such unimaginable proportions. People love their footage, and Instagram presents a straightforward and memorable strategy to share them.

Here you’ll be able to present your content by pulling a part of your material. With this method, you’ll be able to take one of many finest content of your website, create an image utilizing Canva to beautify your material and add that to Instagram as an image.

Ensure that you’ve got related hashtags added to your post, and in addition compose the textual content in your description nicely.

5. Create an infographic on Pinterest

Infographics are one of many most shared forms of content material on the web. They are an creative strategy to take boring information and show it in a enjoyable and informative means.

Because of this, it is the right alternative to get much more audience and have your website content material repurposed into an infographic.

With Pinterest, your uploaded material can then be shared throughout the Pinterest community. This offers you extra mileage to get in front of thriving viewers that may find your service and go to your web site.

Creating a single piece of content material is actually an awesome step to begin to showcase your service or products and educate your viewers.

If you plan to take your campaign further, then you need to begin repurposing your content material. It means that you can give your niche audience a strategy to embrace your content material they need and trust your brand.

With these strategies, you have to consider how one can take that single piece of content material and scale it throughout the numerous online channels and get website traffic or conversion.

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