How to build client relationships

June 6, 2017 Business, Client Relationships

Build Client Relationships

In any organisation you’ll find client relationships are the foundation of your workplace. Whether it’s serving coffees to the little old lady that comes in every Tuesday, or providing tech support over the phone; our clients have the same expectations. Here are a few ways to improve these relationships to benefit your business.

1. Never be rude to a Customer

This might seem a little straight forward but how many of you have been in a situation where customer service was less than impressive? You’re in a coffee shop purchasing your fix for the day and when the cashier hands you your coffee without a smile or “thanks” you’re instantly frowning.  By the time you get into work you’re ready to vent. Next thing you know the 8 people in your workplace have heard all about how rude this person was and that’s all it took for that coffee shop to potentially lose 8 customers. Even if you’re having a miserable day never take your frustration out on the customer. A quick how is your day going and a welcoming grin goes a long way. Strive to be the person people talk about because you made them smile.

2. Make it a little more personal

Those of you that deal with the same customers on a daily basis this one’s for you. Truthfully, there might be someone that, no matter how many times you crack a joke you’ll never get a giggle out of them. All you can do is try, rather than the same old, “how are you” ask them what they’re doing this weekend, let them tell you all about how their husband is taking the kids fishing and how they plan to spend Friday night watching movies. People appreciate curiosity, it shows that you care about their life and not just about the business transaction.

3. Let them vent

It’s 8:30AM on Monday morning, you’re the lucky one that has answered the phone to an angry customer. You’re still wiping the sleep out of your eyes and this is the first client you’ve had to speak to. Your client is next level mad, she is roaring about a job she’s asked to be completed that hasn’t been done. While she is raising her voice and continuing on with her speech stay as calm as you can, we know it’s early but do not react – abort mission. Let her say every last word she needs to before you calmly reply that you’re very sorry for the inconvenience and you will get onto this job first thing. All of her anger is now out in the open and you’ve offered the solution. The customer is going to value your patience and allowing her to speak.

4. Collect Feedback

If you want to find out how well you and your team are doing you can send your clients a small feedback survey. Feedback is an important part of building client relationships, you can’t improve if you aren’t aware that you need improving.

Make it fun with an online form.  Send the link to your clients and find out how you can improve your relationships!

Easy Peasy!

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