Collecting payments online – the easy way

December 18, 2017 Uncategorized

You’ve finally gained a comfortable amount of followers on your blog and you’re ready to start selling products online. At this point you might be thinking, so how can I do this? Sure there’s plenty of ways to get the ball rolling, however it can be tricky to find a cost effective approach.

Starting an online business is already a massive task and you really want to make sure you use the right tools to get you going. The tools you use will reflect on the amount of sales you achieve. It’s important to use something that will make it nice and simple for your new customers.

Easy is better

Customers typically will choose the easy option when it comes to purchasing products. Most cases, if the purchase requires a signup or account creation they’ll move on and shop elsewhere. The trick is to make their experience as simple as possible.

Having a simple, easy to use form embedded in your website to sell your merchandise is the perfect gateway for an online business. Forms require zero sign ups, no accounts needed and offer payment options for either PayPal users or straight from a credit/debit card.

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Self Promotion

These days your online business will have a far higher chance of surviving if you’re putting yourself out there and self promoting which brings me to my next point.. An online form means you can send direct links to people. You can create a button in your weekly newsletter directing followers straight to your merchandise.

No hidden nasty’s

Avoid hidden costs by using an app like Easy Peasy Forms.Online forms are provided at a flat rate so there are no surprises when people start to make their purchases. There are many alternative options out there that will charge for payment integrations. So when your customers start to buy your gear you get charged a percentage for each purchase. You’ll earn more and spend less when using online forms.

Collecting payments online doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you’ve got a product you’re looking to sell but just don’t know how, I recommend you take the easy approach with an online form you can make look like your own.

Click here and check out our example of an online payment form! 

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