How To Create Positive Change in Your Life

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Creating Positive change

It’s a simple term isn’t it “creating positive change” I’d say most of you out there have read something like it before. Motivational speakers all around the world embrace the idea that if you can create small change that is positive, your quality of life will improve.

We typically spend a few hours a day pondering ideas that would in fact enhance our lives. However we don’t often follow these ideas, they’re merely a dream we feel we can never reach. The thing about dreams is we forget the journey that comes before them – the most important part.

This is where positive change comes into it. Rather than just dreaming about the things we can do, we need to start taking small steps to work towards these things. Here are 5 simple tasks we can do in order to begin this.

1. Keep a journal

Sometimes our memories can let us down a little. Writing down our daily actions will help us to remember what we have completed and what we have achieved. Having something to look back on is important. It’s just like photos, we often need a reminder of where we came from in order to keep going. You can see all of the improvements from the start and to the end of your journey.

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2. Exercise

There’s no huge explanation for this one because well basically, exercise just makes us happy! Our bodies need a bit of movement here and there and it’s a great way to keep our endorphins flowing. We all feel satisfied after a bit of exercise.

3. Three things you’re grateful for

Each day I want you to ask yourself, “What are three things I’m grateful for?” It’s not hard to forget the good in our life when we’re having a rough day. Thinking about what you have will change this, we mustn’t focus on what we don’t have, but instead focus on the things we do.

4. Random act of kindness

This one’s a biggie. Often we see things happen and we know we could help. I mean what’s really stopping us from going and helping the old man that just dropped his wallet, absolutely nothing. We all have a huge fear of being judged and we tend avoid things because of this. Random acts of kindness not only help out the person receiving but they make you feel absolutely amazing too.

 5. Meditation

Meditation has been proven to have many different help benefits. Some including: reduces stress, controls anxiety, improves sleep and can even decrease blood pressure. All of which benefit you emotionally and physically. If you’re feeling a little low I highly recommend you give this a go. It’ll help you relax and clear your head. You’ll feel silly at first but it’ll get normal the more you do it! Try do it somewhere peaceful with nice scenery, it will help set the mood! 

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6. Create a plan

Create a plan on what you want to achieve. Write down your goals and check each one off as you complete them! Easy Peasy forms has the perfect checklist for you. Check it out here


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