How to deal with Moody Co-Workers

April 4, 2018 Co Workers, Employees

Firstly, let’s admit we all have a day where we’re just not feelin’ happy. It gets to the best of us and it’s okay to be a little on the moody side now and then.

However.. What happens when you’re feeling like sunshine and rainbows and your co workers are acting a little Spicy?

You’ve come in on a Monday morning feeling refreshed from the weekend been and you’re greeted with a Moody “hello” or a grumpy glance from a workmate. It’s easy to let your mood drop from a 10 to a 3 simply by this uninviting greeting.

It’s important we learn to deal with these Moody Co-workers and find ways we can learn to work around them and not be influenced by others negativity. We also want to focus on how you could even cheer them up – because nobody likes to be grumpy right?

Take an interest in their life

Rather than shutting down after their spicy “hello” Throw back at them a question such as “how was your weekend, what did you get up to?” Now they can’t sit back in their angry bubble and they have to give you an answer. It’s unlikely you’ll get shutdown with this question, make sure when they answer you take a genuine interest in their response. You don’t want to come across as a robot asking them small talk questions that you don’t really care to hear about.

Remember, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors

Oh how it is easy to think people are just bloody grumpy and you can’t be bothered having a bar of them. However you’ve got to think, is the grass green on the other side? Most people that are constantly grumpy are having personal issues outside of work. Depression these days is as common as your everyday cold. You cannot overlook the fact there could be surrounding issues causing their anger at work. Be empathetic and always take into consideration that you may not know the full story.  

Don’t let their anger ruin your happiness

This can be tough, we’re all very easily influenced by our atmosphere. Rather than dropping straight down to their level, hold yourself together. Don’t let other people’s issues become your own. If you’re happy and your life is good then continue to focus on that. Another person’s mood should not take any effect on your own. If it means you have to ignore them in order to keep a smile on your face then do it. It sounds selfish but sometimes you’ve just gotta put your happiness first.

Pull them aside for a chat

They might not want to talk about it but the fact you’ve tried may mean a lot to them. Pull them aside for a quick chat and ask if they’re okay. They’ll either say they’re fine and act like a tough cookie with no problems, or they might even burst into tears. Who knows. The point is you’ve addressed the problem and that takes guts. You’ve given them a chance to vent and whether they take it or not is entirely up to them.

Whether it’s actually a rainy day or the suns shining outside, we all have our off days. It’s okay to be a little cranky on occasion – just as long as it’s not every other day of course. Be patient with your co-workers and try not to add fuel to the fire. Focus on yourself, play some happy music and soak in the positive vibes.


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