Introverts vs Extroverts

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The typical stereotype we have for these two personality traits are simple: extroverts are chatty and outgoing. Introverts are shy and reserved. This is merely the crust on a very large pizza. There’s much more to understanding these differences and what to be aware of when you’re differentiating these two types of people.

Would you rather socialize or be alone?

Extroverts most commonly recharge by the more adventurous lifestyle. Rather than sitting down and relaxing they’re likely to need engagement and social interaction. Coming from an introvert myself I personally would prefer to be left alone, social interactions after a long day just aren’t my thing. It can sometimes come across as rudeness or shyness, but it’s common for introverts to avoid situations where there is a lot of verbal communication expected. They’d rather just curl up and read a book. Extroverts are quite the opposite, they’ll go out of their way to put themselves into a social situation.

Even our friendships are different

Friendships are extremely different in these two! I have found even looking at a few of my friends that some will have a large group of friends, and others will have a very small group. The difference in these friendships are, extroverts will usually have plenty of friends however an introvert though may have very few friendships the bonds are much stronger.
Introvert vs Extrovert Lemon

The open and the closed books

Friendships are much a reflection on their main characteristic: one being reserved and the other quite open. Introverts take a long time to open up to someone properly and speak to them comfortably. This can make the friend making process a lot harder for them as they’ll come across as shy and standoffish for a while. On the other hand you have an extrovert who feels comfortable talking to anyone in a social situation therefore their friend circle grows a lot quicker.

Did you raise your hand at school?

Do you remember in school how you’d have to put your hand up to answer a question? Ahh I’d say any of you extroverts reading would’ve said yes! The introverts however are probably thinking how you remember being prompted because you never put your hand up. Truthfully half the time an introvert will know the answer to a question but they’ll only answer it if they’re picked to. It’s not common they’ll put their hand up and generally when they do it’s a huge deal for them. Extroverts hands will jump up like springs when they know the answer. They’re confident talking in front of a crowd and answering a question ain’t no thing.

How do we accept change

Change, something some of us hate and others love. For an extrovert change is something they’re all about. The idea of new opportunities and chances is what drives an extrovert. Introverts on the other hand aren’t so fond of it. Change to them means readjustment, they prefer structure and knowing what’s right in front of them.

Decisions are easy, but they can also be hard

Decisions, such a simple idea for an extrovert who will make these quick snap. Introverts prefer to take some time to reflect on the different choices they could make. They don’t like to dive into something too quickly without having processed it first.

Are you a mixture?

It’s actually quite common these days of people having a bit of each trait, so rather than being 100% introvert they might find they have a few extrovert habits.

As a manager or anybody in charge it’s important to understand these differences. It’s easy to forget that everyone does things differently and at times you may find it frustrating when you can’t do things the same way. Remember that it might just be that you’re an introvert and they’re an extrovert. Opposites can work together as long as we understand how each others brains tick!


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