How to Get Over a Bad Day at Work

August 28, 2017 Brain techniques, Business , ,

Sometimes work just doesn’t seem worth the paycheck, am I right? We all have our bad days, it could be as simple as making a mistake and that’s resulted in you being in a bad mood for the rest of the afternoon. Your frustration is automatically taken out on work. Though this may seem like an easy way to burn the frustration, it actually makes the situation worse. You’ve suddenly got all of your workmates watching you kick the heater and the boss in the background taking notes for your next catch up meeting . Let’s think of some solutions to make you seem well, a little bit more sane on these rainy days.

Focus on what you have got, not what you haven’t 

Instead of putting all of your negative energy into all the things in life you’re lacking, try focusing your energy on the things you have got. For instance maybe you have a family to come home to, or a partner you love. You might have a big Rugby game this weekend that you’re looking forward to. Think of anything you can that is positive and remember that soon enough that’s the place you’ll be in and this day will come to an end. Keep looking ahead and eventually you’ll be more concentrated on how you’ll feel when you are in the place that you consider to be positive.

Take a break

We all need a decent break to refresh our minds. Walking away from your desk and having a cup of tea even for 10 minutes, allows your mind to rest. Suddenly the stresses are put into perspective and you can ease your way back into your workflow.

Remember your purpose

Why are you at work? It could be because you have 3 kids at home who need to be fed. Or you’ve just turned 21 and you’re saving to travel the world. We all have a purpose to be at work, this is what gets us up every morning. We don’t go to work just to pay bills, we have children we need to feed, or we have dreams we wish to fulfill. Whatever it may be for you, remind yourself of it whenever you’re feeling low at work.

Have a catch up with your boss

I suppose this one would depend on your situation, but let’s say you have a good relationship with your boss. Have a sit down with them and talk about how you’re feeling. It’s always soothing having things out in the open. They might suggest some ideas to get you through the day.

Listen to some beats

Hip-hop or slow jazz, your choice. Music is surprisingly good for you, playing a happy song can take your mood from a 3 to a 10. Listen to whatever gets your groove on and it’ll be sure to put a smile on your face.

Walk around the block

If you’re in a job that you sit all day, I’m with you there, it can be hard. You find yourself fidgeting more and more as the hours fly by. I find it extremely hard to sit still especially when I’m having a bad day, I know a lot of people take their frustrations out by exercising and apparently it actually has really good benefits.  If you’re in a bad way it’s not the worst idea to take a quick stroll around the block. Your urge to fiddle with your pen and twirl your hair might come to an end, at least temporarily.

We all have our own way of dealing with things, but there’s no harm in trying new methods. Remember the bad days will always come to an end. Tomorrow is a new day and things will always get better. Focus on what will be and not what is if right now isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

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