What to get Mum for Mothers day

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Mother's Day

Mother’s day – The day to celebrate a special person that brought you into this world. The one day that we are encouraged to go the extra mile to show mum just how much we love her.

When you work long days and the weeks roll into months, finding the time to explore for the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be tricky.

Thankfully, technology has advanced and the internet has eliminated the stress in finding a gift for these special occasions. These days, if you want to get Mum a pair of shoes, simply find her favourite shoe website, add the shoes to the cart and pay.

In a matter of minutes you’ve purchased something she will love!  Sweet!

But does a pair of shoes scream, Happy Mother’s Day!? Hmmm…

This gets me thinking, what is the perfect gift?

There is nothing that says, I love you, quite like a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers!

How simple would that be, you could order them online and have them delivered straight to her door!

I decided that this is what I was going to do this year.

I searched the local flower shops online and clicking into each website, I found the same problem – no option to order online!  Most sites only offered a phone number to call and place my order.

I hate to break it to the florists out there, but if I want to order a bunch of flowers I would much prefer to fill out a questionnaire online.

It certainly beats the hassle of calling to explain my order and ensure the spelling is correct on the card.  Right?!

After far too long spent searching, my only option was to call the store.  Flowers were out.  I went back to my shoe idea. I jumped online and ordered the smartest pair of shoes I could find. Not my first choice, but they’ll do.

These days people buy for convenience and if  your business doesn’t offer the easiest solution, people will shop elsewhere.

Perhaps the flower store could have offered a quick questionnaire online –  What is the occasion?  What colors do they like?  What is the address?  This way the client (me) get’s what they want and there is no chance of a spelling mistake. Easy Peasy.



Mother's Day Florist Order Form


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