Why it’s important to take a break

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The sun rising over the Himalayas

How many times do you utter the words, “super busy”, “slammed” or “crazy” when asked how you are?

Think about it.

Somehow we’ve created this generation of non stop chaos, always thinking about our next move, or dwelling on our last. We are forgetting about how we are feeling and what we are doing right now. Our minds get so over crowded with thoughts, worry and anxiety that even taking a break can seem too stressful.

Just chill for a minute

You are never too busy to take a break and the benefits of a little time off now will actually help you in the future.

Trust me. Your job, your work and your product will survive without you.

A recent trip to India for my Yoga Teacher Training was a wake up call to the importance of taking time off the grid to slow down (mentally) and recharge my battery. I turned off my phone and switched off from technology to immerse myself in something I have wanted to do for a long time.

There is something to be said for taking time for yourself, slowing down and enjoying the things that you would normally want to rush.

Graduation from Yoga Teahcer Traning - Rishikesh, India

What’s the hurry? We have time

I was humbled to know that everything was as it should be upon my return. I came back with a fresh, clear mind and ready to get back into the game. Perfect outcome and exactly what I needed.

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to take time off

Stress has that magic of sneaking up on us and we only recognize it when it becomes overwhelming or we are feeling burnt out. Take some time now to think about how you are feeling. Have you been sleeping OK? Are you getting frustrated easily? How’s your concentration? If any of these are a problem, it’s time to think about taking a break.

Rishikesh, India

Planning is key before you take your time off

Whether it’s a long break or a short break, it pays to prepare and trust that your team has your back. Consider the things you’d normally do in the office before you go away and plan to have them done in advance. Get your team to help you. Make a list. Tell your clients that you are going to be away. Trust me, things can wait until you return and the more notice you can give everyone, the more prepared they can be too.

Take baby steps now and start thinking about where you might want to go 

It doesn’t have to be next week or next month. I planned for a year before I did my Yoga Teacher Training which meant that I had something to look forward to and work towards, as well as giving me plenty of time to ensure that I would have everything ready at work before I left.

Coming home and feeling restored helps with creativity and energy which will lead to more productivity and further enjoyment in your work when you return. Can’t beat that!


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