How to Stop Life Distracting You From Work

September 21, 2017 Brain techniques, Business, Positive Change ,

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We all have day’s where we simply can’t concentrate. Not because we hate our jobs or because it’s a rainy day outside but sometimes things just happen that are out of our control. I’ve found myself struggling to concentrate and instead thinking so far from myself that when I finally come back to reality I have absolutely no idea what I’m meant to be working on.

Whether you’ve had a breakup, a relative has passed, or maybe even your cats sick. We’ve all been there and we’ve all had to put our heads down and get on with it. The only problem left is our minds. We have this painful habit of rethinking the things that make us feel gloomy. It’s time we thought of a few ideas to try push these bad memories to the back of our minds and continue with life.

Praying for a better day

Have any of you out there read The Secret? It’s a book that’s based on the idea that if we think positively then better things will happen. If we continue to believe only bad things will happen to us, it’s likely we’ll never be happy. It’s hard to smile when you’re constantly reminding yourself of the horrors that could await. Instead of thinking “I’m not a good employee my boss didn’t like my idea” Think how could you change that idea to make it even better and they might just love it. Your mindset is your strongest tool in life, you need to be in control of it.

Your work is your lifeline

One thing we need to remember is although someone might have left our lives, we need our jobs to carry on. Not only do they bring in the bacon, they bring in plenty of life lessons and experiences. We learn a surprising amount just by turning up to work each day. Our jobs really are our purpose, we feel we are apart of something and that’s really important when we’re going through a rough time.

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Use it as a distraction

Rather than sitting about dwelling, focus on your work. When you find yourself glaring out the window and heading off into wonderland, STOP! Quickly find a task that requires your full attention. It’ll be hard at first but put your head down and get stuck in and soon enough you’ll find you won’t even think of the problem when you’re in deep enough.

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Speak up

Undeniably we’re not ourselves when we’re upset. Sometimes we’ve gotta let out all our emotions in order for the cracks to start healing. Bottling things up only makes things harder. If your colleagues know that you’re not 100% then it’s likely they aren’t going to push you as hard. The more people you have there for you the better.

Finally, my advice to you is get up and go! Be you and focus on the better things in life. With rain only comes sunshine.

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