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Some of us just have this feeling inside that we’re built for a little more than your average office job and a 40 hour week. We see these online influencers on all the different social platforms and of course it’s something we can only dream of chasing. Well I’ve got news for you. Anyone from anywhere is capable of this type of career. All you need is a laptop, a phone, internet and a hunger to succeed.  If you’ve got all of the above then continue reading for your stepping stones to become a little less exhausting and a little more breezy.

What’s your purpose?

What is the purpose of what you’re doing? Everybody needs a purpose, otherwise why would anyone have reason to follow you? Your purpose is like the foundation of your house, without a foundation do you have a house? Most certainly not! Whether it be to inspire, to influence or to create. Whatever the vibe, make it extremely clear! When people come across your page they’re not going to want to search very hard to find what it is you’re all about. They’re going to read your bio and if it’s filled with sales and junk that they don’t have time for, they’re gonna leave your page.

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Know what you want

What do you want to come from this? Are you looking for fame, money, friendships? Think to yourself, what is it that I’m after and why. It’s all well and good to know your purpose, but what are you looking to gain from this? If you struggle to know what you want, you’ll struggle to provide good content. The best content is driven from somebody who knows exactly what they’re looking for.

Focus on providing value

Do many of you out there follow stars from reality TV shows? I’ve unfollowed at least 50 recently because they don’t give a crap about providing value. Clicking through stories and all I see is buy this and that and wow this product is amazing “purchase here”. Hell no am I going to stick around and watch that.

Don’t get me wrong you can promote sales, however at the beginning of your journey this mustn’t be your top priority. Once you’ve gained trust and respect, that’s when you can start promoting a few sales.

I believe we’re far more likely to follow those that genuinely offer something in value like health tips, advice anything that’s free and good content. Genuine real people trying to interact with their followers, they’re the ones that maintain their success. What you need to think every single day is, what do I have to offer my followers? Because that right there is what’s going to help you glide your way right to the top.

Interact with other influencers

You’re not always going to get a reply, but if you don’t try, you don’t get. Remember you’ve gotta be in it to win it! Everyday you should aim to message at least ten online influencers. I’m not saying email them and say “hello share my page, blah, blah” You’ve got to once again, provide value. If you’ve got something you can offer them, they’re a lot more likely to respond. If you’re lucky enough to get a response and a shout out you could see your followers shoot up by thousands.

This approach requires a heck of a lot of patience and well, you’ve got to be a bit okay with rejection. Not everyone is going to like what you have got to offer and that’s fine! You move on to the next person. Never give up. Even if you’ve had 200 “reads” you have got to keep on going. Think about what one mention from someone with a few hundred followers could do for you. You got this.

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Be Consistent

Consistency is your best friend. You need to regulate your posts. The more you appear in somebody’s feed the more known you become. If you’re posting every single day that is 7 times a week you appear in each of your followers feeds. If you’re only posting once a week that’s 1 day and that’s just not often enough to stick in somebody’s head. The more the better! Pick a time of the day you’re going to post and continue it.

Get liking

You can’t expect to gain 300 followers in a day without putting in some of the hard yards. To gain the followers you’ve got to get your liking hands on. Search for hashtags on Instagram such as #likeforlike or #followforfollow. Get onto these peoples pages and like a few photos, maybe even give them a follow. They’ll quickly come back to your page and do the same.

There’s people out there just like you trying to give the social media business a go. Your task is to support them and they’ll support you too. It’s all about give and take these days if you don’t give then don’t expect to get.

So when you’re sitting in bed with nothing else to do, I suggest you stalk the crap out of Instagram, look at the latest hashtags, recent posts. Anything! And like, like, like! It’s pretty easy when you’ve got nothing else on. Keep it going until lights out, work hard, play hard remember.


Give vlogging a go

We all love a face behind a page, am I right? The most successful people in this market will vlog 4-6 times a week. This might sound pretty hard when you’ve got no camera or editing skills. Thankfully the good ol’ iPhone could give you a boost here. iPhone’s aren’t too shabby at creating videos, after all it’s the content that matters the most. Sure you might feel like a weirdo talking to a camera at first but you’ll be a pro in no time. Vlogging makes things a little more personal for your followers, seeing your face and hearing you talk – the little things really do count.

For some ideas on vlogging – check out our vlog on youtube!


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