The Top 8 Traits for Employees

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Now it’s time to let the bosses sit back and the employees do the reading. Below are some key traits every boss will look for in their employees. Some are certainly more important than others, of course we can’t always have them all. If you manage to say you’re doing 10 out of 10 then well done, I’m impressed!


Honesty is one of the top traits for obvious reasons. I don’t believe you can have any type of relationship without trust.  In a large majority of companies there is confidential information, so why hire someone that could leak it? Also bosses do actually appreciate when you admit your mistakes, it means being able to deal with them before they get out of hand. Most employers will look for someone they know will be honest and approach them when they need to.

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2. Loyalty

You’ve got to have loyalty within a working environment. This means turning up to work on time, taking extra hours and helping the rest of your team when you can. Instead of it “just being a job” make it something you put your all into. Bosses will always rely on the loyal ones and they’ll put extra faith into them. 

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3. Passion

I have to say this one is tough, because I can understand it’s hard to find passion in some jobs. If I think back to my first job being a kitchen hand in a rest home I was never planning to find passion in that industry, but there are things you find passion in doing. Such as making an old lady smile when you hand her a plate of dinner. Finding passion in the little things really goes a long way.

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4. Flexibility

There will always be things you don’t enjoy, and there will be things you love. You’ve got to remember that you can’t always concentrate solely on the things you enjoy because the hard stuff has to be completed as well. Being able to hand you a job whether you like it or not and not hearing a complaint is all a boss could really ask for. It means you’re willing to get the task done no matter how much hard work you’ve got to put into it.

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5. Determination

Determined to learn, determined to grow. To be the type of person that has goals and wants to grow as a person as well as in the workplace is something employers struggle to find. Often, a lot of people just want the bills paid and that’s why they find a job. If you’ve got the mindset that you’re willing to give new things a try and grow within the company, you’re a far better asset to the team.

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6. Enthusiasm

Everyone loves the positive guy, even on a bad day he can put a smile on your face. No need to be over the top but a happy hello at the start of the day and an approachable mannerism is perfect. Your moods are contagious, if you’re happy you’re likely to make those around you happy as well. 

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7. Creativity

If you’re the type of person that comes up with new ideas and opens up about them then you’re already 5 steps ahead. Within a workplace new ideas are sprouting inside people’s heads daily.  The question is, how often do we share them? Being creative and open to discussing new ideas is rare. Your boss might seem like an unapproachable monster, but I think you’ll find they’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.

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8. Confidence

For starters I’d like to point out there is nothing wrong with shy people (which is exactly what I am). But I’ve got to admit employers love confidence. Taking a job interview for example, if you walk in head held high then you’re more likely to get the job. There’s plenty of factors within jobs that require confidence, answering phones, customer service and even working with a team requires a sprinkle of confidence.

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Most of these traits aren’t that hard to achieve, a simple change of mindset could set you on the right track. Creativity and confidence are things that would be more considered something that comes naturally, of course they can be worked on however I don’t believe there’s huge pressure to change.

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