Why Walking to Work is Good For You

September 11, 2017 Brain techniques, Walking ,

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Walking has plenty of benefits that I’m sure every doctor has already told you. Our parents always encouraged us as kids to walk to school, we always thought it was because they couldn’t be bothered driving us. However we’ve finally got a proper explanation for it.

It wakes you up

Sometimes when I’m driving to work my eyes are still extremely dusty due to the fact I’d only woken up 10 minutes before I left. Walking to work gives you a solid amount of time to wake up. Moving your body is what makes you more alert and the more you move the more awake you’ll be.

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Exercise releases feel-good endorphin’s

To summarize – endorphin’s are chemicals that is released in your brain that are proven to reduce stress, decrease depression and boost self esteem. Is there any better way to start your day than releasing a few of these good willers? I didn’t think so!

Analyze the natural beauty

Sometimes we take for granted the beauty that surrounds us. There is this enormous world full of things to see, how often do we stop to take it all in? Often during walks I’ve actually stopped and thought how beautiful is the world we live in. Finally I’ve been able to appreciate what’s around me all because I’ve gone for a walk. Being grateful for what we have puts a positive spin on things.


Helps maintain a healthy weight

Walking is good for our bodies and doing it often will have an impact on our weight. The healthier our weight the happier we seem to be. Having a healthy weight also boosts self esteem and reduces risks such as heart disease and diabetes.

Sunlight means Serotonin

Studies have found that there is more of the mood lifting chemical serotonin produced in people on sunnier days as opposed to darker days. Getting plenty of sunlight means more serotonin is released.

Save on petrol

Walking to work is excellent financially, rather than having that $80 petrol bill every couple of weeks you’ll find yourself lasting weeks without needing a refill. This means more money for funner things – like food!

Gas pump

Your mood has been naturally lifted

To conclude, who would’ve thought a simple walk to work could cause all of the above? You’ve now got a healthier weight, a happier attitude, more money and you can now appreciate the world you’re in. Bit of a bargain if you ask me!

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